2nd Annual Day


2nd Annual Day with Justice

Arival Of Justice K.J. Thanker

Arrival of Addl Judges

Arrival of Guests Dist Judge

Baroda food Indu

Baroda palace2

Baroda visit Palace

BCI Participation

Dist Judge & Jt Dist Judges

District Judge & others

Dr. CL. Patel with Dist Judge

DSCSt Audians _0390

Elcome to Justice KJ Thaker

Guest Lecturer e-library

guest lib e-library

Guests Judges & VCs

Guests Judges & Vice Chancellors

Inaguration of Moot Court Dr. C.L. Patel

Innaguration of Moot Court Justice K.J. Thaker

Judge (SC); Justice Radhakrishnan

Judge, H.C Lighting the lamp

Judges in Moot Court

Justice KJ Thaker & Dr. C.L. Patel

Legal Aid 1

Legal Aid 2

Legal Aid 3

Legal Aid 4


NSS - 1

NSS - 2

NSS - 3

Paresnts teachers meeting

Practical Moot

Practical St Photo3

Principal with Justice Radhakrishnan, Sup Court

SEL Palace Baroda - 1

SEL Palace Baroda - 2

SEL Palace Baroda - 3

SEL Palace Baroda - 4

Selected-Baroda food industry

Sports Sel - 1

Sports Sel - 2

Sports Sel - 3

Sports Sel - 4

Supreme Court Judge Justice Radhakrishan

sweety industries sweety_ind_nad@parle.biz 24.8.13

Trustees with Justice K.J. Thaker

Univ Selected

V.C, Dean & Madhava Menon

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